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youtube is an open video streaming platform where anyone can able to upload their skills to the public and earn some money from youtube monetization.

users of youtube are uploading 500 hours of content per minute on youtube.

if you are uploading videos on youtube. and you have a youtube channel? then this article helps you to solve some quires related to youtube and helps you to grow in youtube life.

there are 2 or 3 ways to change your name on youtube so keep patient and keep scrolling we added the best tricks to make changes to your youtube channel name.

how to change the channel name.

we suggest you choose your youtube channel name one time and not make changes to them.

because if you are changing your youtube channel name on daily bases then it’s against youtube t&c. so decide name and make that name for your channel.

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here are some ways with the help of this you can able to make changes on your youtube channel also we showed here how to change your youtube logo with your phone and laptop.

youtube allows you to change your youtube channel anywhere anytime.

you can change your channel name by using your android youtube application, youtube studio, and the website

change the channel name using the application.

The youtube mobile application is the most popular app with over 10B+ installs and a 4.1 rating in the google play store.

you just need to download the youtube application and open it and log in with your Gmail id which is linked to your youtube channel. and then follow the steps given below.

  1. open your yt application.
  2. Click the top right of your profile picture.
  3. go to your channel option.
  4. you will see your channel with the old name click the pencil button and change the name.
  5. Click the Update button and your name updated in the next few hours.

you can also able to make changes in your channel description and logo with this page if you want to change then make changes on it.

change channel name using yt studio.

yt studio is an application where you can manage your channel analytics and control your full youtube channel with the yt studio application.

so here below we are going to learn how to change our youtube channel name using yt studio above we learn hat how to change the name using a mobile application.

  1. download yt studio from the google play store and open it.
  2. Click the profile button on the top right side.
  3. now go to setting and click the manage account button.
  4. you will redirect to your account section.
  5. go to personal info and find your name and change your name into a new channel name and click the save button.

that’s it this is a way to change your youtube channel name from your yt studio application.

to view better analytics of your youtube channel the site is the best platform.

where you can able to make change your youtube channel name and also you can make other changes from there in youtube studio.

  1. open your youtube studio on the computer.
  2. go to my channel from the top right side.
  3. click customize the channel button.
  4. you will be redirected to a new tab where you can see your Channel customization options.
  5. go to basic options and you will see your old channel name and channel description.
  6. click that pencil button and change your youtube channel name.

after changing your name click publish button and your name will be changing on youtube.

make sure you have a backup of your youtube videos.

it will be taking some hours to update on all platforms so be patient and keep working.


above we learn some different ways to change the name on youtube if you are happy without this content then please share it on your social media network and help us with our work.:)

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