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Connect Mobile internet to Laptop: so today by this post we will going to learn how to connect the internet to a computer/laptop from our android device.

so just scroll down slowly and read the article carefully 🙂

first of all, we’re going to learn some tricks which help you to connect to the internet to your computer/laptop from your smartphone.

there are many different methods to connect your computer to the internet nowadays. but here we are going to discuss some most popular tricks. all are mentioned below.

connect Internet From USB To Laptop

A USB cable is a wired type that helps us to transfer our data to a computer/laptop. and also we use the USB cable to charge our mobile and other USB-supported devices.

in the market two types of USB cable are available both work same but when we use C-type USB its provide bit more speed than normal cable.

to connect Mobile internet to Laptop or computer make sure that your USB is support file transfers to a computer.

after that connect a USB cable to the computer/laptop and connect another side to your android phone.

Now open your android phone setting and go to Setting -> Portable Hotspot.

you will see the USB tethering option which is currently off just enable it. (you can find this option in different places on different phones)

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now you can use your mobile network on your computer/laptop. if this does not work, just “CTRL + F5” or Refresh Your Computer.

if still this does not work then change your USB cable and try again coz as I told some USBs is not support transferring files and sharing connections with a computer/laptop.

or just comment on your problem in the comment box so our team can help you to solve the query.

connect the internet with a wifi adapter

to connect the internet to a computer/laptop. then the wifi adapter is one easy way where you can easily able to connect internet in computer.

these days when you buy a new computer setup then the service provider gives you wifi hardware in an inbuilt system. if you did not receive wifi hardware then just ask him to put it on a system.

but we are going to learn how to use a wifi adapter to connect the internet to a computer. for that, you have to buy a wifi adapter online.

if you want to buy wifi adapter online then it will cost approx $4 to $5 on amazon.

and 250Rs to 300Rs for Indians in Flipkart.

How To Use Wifi adapter?

if you Buy Wifi adapter online then you will receive a package with an 802.11n USB Adapter with Driver CD. Driver CD helps you to install a wifi adapter driver to your computer.

connect the internet with a wifi adapter
USB wifi adapter with cd

just put CD on your computer and open it.

now select windows that you are using like windows-10, windows-7 whatever you are using.

Now connect that USB wifi adapter to your computer. and click the installer and install the wifi adapter driver to the computer.

it’s easy to install wifi drivers. the installer just gets all permission from the computer and makes sure that your USB adapter is connect with the computer.

when the drivers are successfully installed it will ask you to restart your computer. so after installation just restart your computer so drivers work properly.

now you will see internet option is available in right bottom side. just click there and click wifi button.

after that on your thering portable hotspot from your android mobile for that go to setting -> portable hotspot -> turn on portable hotspot.

Now select your wifi network from computer and click connect button to connect with network.

short introduction to connect with wifi

that’s it in these article we learn how to connect Mobile internet to Laptop and you are now connected with internet by using wifi adapter.

don’t remove that wifi USB adapter from your computer otherwise you will go offline from network.

thats it hope I’ll solved your query if you have doubts and querys please let us know in comment so our team can solve it.

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