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Heyy are you looking to Create a Free Barcode Sticker in Microsoft Excel or Word within just a second you are at the right place hare I mentioned how we can simply create a barcode sticker from Microsoft excel and word.

barcode and QR code is the most popular digital system all over the world with the bits of help of these codes you are easily able to decode and encode any digits and any website link.

you can also able to share many details in just one short QR code when someone scans that code with their barcode and QR code reader. he will be able to see the details which you provided in that barcode or QR code.

with the help of the barcode sticker, you can decode any value.

Now in most of the products which we buy from the store we can see that barcode is already stickered there in their products. this code defines all manufactured details of the product.

Creating Barcode Sticker in Microsoft excel.

Excel Is a big software which was released in 1987 approx 35 years from today. created and invested by Microsoft Company.

with the help of Microsoft Excel, you can make your data more unique, and with the help of Microsoft excel you can able to do small and big calculations within just seconds.

hare below we showed how you can create your 1000+ barcode sticker for your client Step-By-Steps in just a second so just scroll down and read all steps clearly and follow those steps.


to create a barcode sticker with your laptop/computer you just need to have a laptop/computer and Microsoft Excel And one Barcode Text which I provide you below.

How To Create Barcode Stickers?

  • To Create Barcode stickers in Microsoft excel open excel.
  • make Sure You have installed Barcode Font on your computer. if not then learn how to install the font in excel.
  • Now write any data in row format in your excel.
  • Now whenever you want a preview, just click =( your Data path ) enter.
  • after that Select that box and change the font name to “Free 3 of 9 Extended” and click enter. ( make sure the form is installed or click to install )
Create Free Barcode Sticker in Microsoft Excel or Word

this is for just one data what if we have thousands of data and we want to create a barcode for it. no worry just write your all data into 1 column and drag the mouse with 1st row.

this will save your time and this can save your manpower also, you can able to write in this excel and this can create the barcode for any of the values like the number, text, and any other special character.

above we showed you how you can able to create a barcode sticker for your multiple values within just a second and one click of your mouse.

we learn how to create a barcode sticker with help of the Microsoft excel and now we going to learn how to create a QR code with help of the Microsoft word. be patient and keep scrolling 🙂

How to save excel data as an image?

to save any of your value from the Microsoft excel like and table and any data to your storage as an image then we have some good tricks which help you to do.

open your Microsoft excel and select any value that you want to save make sure you Covered all sides of your value.

Now copy that selected value and open paint on your computer.

paste that copied sell to paint and you will see that your table and value that you copied from Microsoft excel will be pasted in paint.

drag your table if you want and make changes if you want otherwise just click the save as button and select any part and save your file as a .png format.

that’s it your excel data is converted to image format and you are able to share it whenever you want to share.

you can also able to save this picture by clicking screenshot on the computer.

Creat Barcode Sticker with Microsoft Word.

Microsoft word is also the product of Microsoft and with the help of word, you can able to write any documents and save them for further use.

It was first released on October 25, 1983, today word crossed 38 years in the market.

Microsoft word is not popular for writing a document you can use it for data structure, graph designing, and also for any project presentation.

word allows creating more than 10,000 pages in just a one-sheet which is a huge number.

  • after installing fonts in your system just write the value in Microsoft word’s page that you want to convert into a barcode sticker.

  • now select that value and you will see in the toolbar section the home menu go there and select text as a “Free 3 of 9 Extended” which we installed if you can’t find ( learn how to install the font in the system. )
  • after that, you will see that your value is converted into a barcode sticker now save it to any safe place if the data is important.

to save those values as an image file just copy that data and click the copy button or click a ctrl+c to copy that barcode.

now paste it to paint with ctrl+v or click the right button and select paste. crops that file clearly.

now in the right side click the “save as” button or just click the “ctrl+s” to save those files to your computer or laptop.

How to Install Barcode Font in Computer?

to create your barcode sticker with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word it’s required to you have installed this barcode font on your computer.

installation of the font is easy just click the link below and download a zip file of the font and then follow more steps given.

you will see the zip file is downloaded into your computer now extract that file and install both texts to your device.

after installing the text just confirm that your text is installed on your computer for that open your Microsoft word or excel.

in-home menu of the toolbar you will see all fonts just scroll and find the font with the name “Free 3 of 9 Extended”

or just open the setting of your computer and in the search bar just search a font and you will see the font setting open it. in a font setting, you will see all fonts.

now find the font name “Free 3 of 9” or just scroll down then you will see the font with barcode if the font is successfully In on your computer.

Hope you liked this article and we solved your query to create barcodes in Microsoft Excel and word.

if there is any issue please write us we will do our best to solve your query.

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