How to Delete a Page in Microsoft Word?

Word is one of the Microsoft office products where you can write a letter and also word can be famous for the official works. there are different versions of the Microsoft WordPad.

Microsoft word is an upgraded version of the notebook. in the notebook, you can just write notes but in the word, you can write anything with multiple options and also you can add pictures in the word you can able to add charts, you can modify your texts, and also there have multiple options in the toolbar Menu.

Microsoft word offers you to create multiple pages in one single word file and also you are able to modify and Delete that created word file.

How to delete Blank page in word.

To Delete extra blank pages in Microsoft word just follow these simple tricks and apply them to your word. before deleting the page make sure you backed up your data or take a screenshot in windows to save your data

In any window, open a word file where you want to follow these methods just put your Arrow on any page and follow the steps given below.👇

  1. Click Ctrl+G from your keybord. you will see pop-up.
  2. in a Enter page number box put page number that you want to delete.
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard, and then select Close button.
  4. you will redirect to selected page select. verify those page with selected content.
  5. Click Delete button or Click Backspace button.
How to delete page in word.
How to delete page in word.

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Delete a page in Word

You can also able to do this work manually like a scroll and selecting the page that you want to delete you will see all data will be highlighted just click the Delete button and your page deleted successfully.

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