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How To Hide Any App: these days, we cannot make trust anyone, and also these days small children have ideas to crack passwords for any devices and any phones.

so what if on our phone we have some important data and we want to keep that data secure from others and some private apps that we can’t able to show our friends and family members, and our kids.

On our phone, we have many applications we are using some are good and some are a little unsecured. like we have financial apps and if you can’t trust your new friend then you can try these methods to hide that application.

also, some people are a p**n addictive and in their phones have some that type application and he wants to hide the app from his family and friends.

for that reason, we find some best and easy ways to hide any of your android applications on your phone. which helps you to hide apps and also you can easily able to view any hidden app by yourself with just in a simple click.

how to hide apps in mi note 10 pro max

The Xiaomi note 10 pro max is the most popular mobile phone with a 108MP camera. so through this post, we will be going to learn how to hide mobile applications in mi note 10pro max with a simple click.

to hide any application in Xiaomi’s phone I think the process is the same in all devices so follow the spets given below and make your application secure from others.

  • open mobile and go to the mobile setting.
  • now scroll down and select the “apps” option from the list.
  • you will see multiple options like permissions, manage apps, clone apps, and many more.
  • but we want to hide our application so, we have to select the “app lock” option from the list.
  • now you will see two different options with your installed app list which are “app lock” or “hidden apps”
  • we want to hide our app so we’ll select the hidden apps option.
  • Here you will see all of your mobile applications which are installed on your android.
  • toggle on to the application that you want to hide on your phone.

that’s it Xiaomi is providing simple access to hide and unhide any application from your android so you don’t require to install any third-party application.

now below we are going to learn how to hide the mobile applications from some third-party mobile applications. shown applications are more popular and it was a so long time in the android play store. so we can easily trust those apps to perform these tasks.

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how to hide apps from hiding it pro.

hide it pro is the most popular and old app for android to perform this task with help of this application you are also able to hide your media like photos, videos, sound, and many more. you can also able to hide your notes, messages, and songs.

with the help of hiding it pro you can also able to lock your android application and hide your mobile application so we can make our data more secure. below we’re going to learn how to hide our mobile application from hiding it pro software.

  1. Download the hide it pro mobile application from the google play store.
  2. tap and hold the logo above to launch your hide it pro application. you can also able to control your audio from this app so no one can see your activities.
  3. after the first time long clicking the app the apps ask you to set up a lock-in hiding it pro app so if someone can open then he can’t see your settings.
  4. now you will see all options in hiding it pro just select the hide apps button and you will see all your apps on your screen.
  5. select any app that you want to hide select toggle and click the hide button to hide. (make sure your phone is root)
  6. that’s it your app is hidden in android you can anytime able to make changes.

with the help of these apps, you can do many tasks in just one mobile application to hide any app make sure that your android phone is rooted if your device is not rooted then learn how to root android.

above we learn how to hide the mobile applications from the hide it pro application and now we are going to learn how to hide the mobile applications from the app hider.

how to hide apps in android without rooting my phone (No root)

if you want to hide your mobile apps on android then some most cases you need to require root your device after you can able to hide your application.

but as we learn above that some android versions provide this service inbuilt in their android devices like mi note 10 pro max and many more. so first you have to check whether your version of android is providing this future or not.

Today, we will learn how to hide an Android application in Android without rooting the phone. You don’t need to have a rooted phone.

  1. So first of go to the google play store and download the app hider application.
  2. now open the app hider and you will see some instructions the first time you log in.
  3. give all permission and click the continue button. (this will collect data like IMEI number and device info)
  4. now front of your page you will see a homepage type design bottom middle of the app you can see the + button just click that button.
  5. select any app from the list and the app shows you a popup to confirm your app to hide.
  6. after confirming your app is hidden from the list. but you will still see the app on your android. to complete hide. uninstall apps from the system. you still launch it from app hider.

from this application, you can also able to create a clone application to any of your apps with just simple clicks. make sure that your password is strong so no one can open your app and see your hidden apps.

and also check more settings of app hider you can able to change the icon of app use finger to unlock and many more.


that’s it we learn how to hide the android mobile apps from the list with three different tricks. hope you like the post. if you like then please share it with needed friends and family.

if you have any equations related to this please fill them in a comment below. our team is always ready to help you. 🙂

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