The Unconventional Guide to Facebook Groups

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Guide 4 Facebook Group: Facebook is a big social media platform all over the world. Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users and is ranked 4th in global internet usage.

On Facebook millions of users are publishing daily photos, videos, and posts on Facebook. and engaging with millions of new users.

The Unconventional Guide to Facebook Groups
The Unconventional Guide to Facebook Groups

FB is providing futures like any Facebook user can send messages to someone, create groups on Facebook, create a page for their business & publish on Facebook, and many more futures Facebook allows to do on their platform.

The best future of Facebook is that FB allows you to create groups on Facebook and stay connected with their audiences.

There are not any limits on Facebook groups so lacs of people allow joining in one group. group admins have the right to control the group and manage that group.

How do I delete a Facebook group?

To delete your Facebook group for any reason you just need to is your Facebook id password and make sure that you are an admin of the group that you want to delete.

GUIDE to delete a Facebook group.

  • open
  • on the left top, you will see the groups option just click there.
  • you will see all groups that you are managing.
  • just select the group that you want to delete.
  • you will see multiple tabs like about, topics. and many more just people from there.
  • just remove all people which are members of your group.
  • once you remove all click three dots in your name and select Leave Group. Click Leave Group again to confirm.

After that, your group is disapproved from Facebook and you won’t able to join that group again. also your old Group members aren’t notified when you delete a group.


How do I pause my Facebook group?

as we learn above that you can able to delete your Facebook group any time and anywhere with just a few clicks.

what if you did not want to delete your group and wanted to close your group for some specific time then Facebook allows you to pause your group any time anywhere.

GUIDE To Pause Your Facebook Group.

  • open the group that you want to pause.
  • on the right side, you will see three dots just click there.
  • you will see a pause option just click that option to pause your group.
  • after that, you will see different options FB asks “why do you want to pause this group?”
  • Select a reason and click the continue button to pause your group.
  • You can optionally include an announcement for your group member so people know why the group is being paused and what to expect.
  • also, Facebook gives you the option to select a date range to resume your group automatically if you want. if you want to resume then select a date and click the pause group button.

that’s it your Facebook group is a pause. you can able to resume your group anytime. to resume your group just open the group and click the resume button.

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How do I remove/block someone from the Facebook group?

Facebook allows you to create a group and thousand of people able to join in one group.

also, the group admin ( who created the group ) has the power to manage grope and add or remove/block any person from the Facebook group who spreading hate in a group.

if you want to remove/block someone from the Facebook group then make sure that you are a group admin then you have the right to add or remove any person from the group.

How to remove/block?

  • open your Facebook and select a group.
  • click the member tab in the group.
  • Find the member you want to remove or block.
  • you will see the names of members just click the dots on their name and select Remove member or Block from the group.
  • that’s if the person is now no longer available in your group.

if you want to delete all activity from a user while removing or blocking him select Delete recent activity to delete their last seven days of posts, comments, reactions, polls.


you can also block them from your account so he will not able to send you messages and posts.

How Do I remove posts in a Facebook group?

as we know that Facebook has a future for the group. anyone can able to create a Facebook group and anyone can join that group.

so there are big chances that someone is spreading fake news and promoting content like sexual, vulgar content, and other bad type content which is not good.

for that reason, Facebook gives an option to admin that admin has the right to remove that type of content from the group with just a few clicks.

How Do I remove posts?

  • open a Facebook group.
  • go to the post that you want to remove. select three dots of post.
  • now you will see multiple options just select delete post from there.
  • Facebook shows you a popup with “Are you sure that you want to delete this post?” click delete and your Facebook post was deleted from your account.


that’s it its simple for the group admin to remove any post from the Facebook group.

that’s it on this post we learn how to delete a Facebook group, how to remove or block someone from a Facebook group, and how to delete a post in a Facebook group.

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