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if you want to send an image message to your friend and family member with a Hindi text then there are multiple ways to write Hindi text in Images with some online and offline methods so keep scrolling and keep reading.

Hindi is a popular language in India and also Hindi is the national language of India. half of the audience is speaking Hindi in India also other countries like eastern Pakistan, southern Nepal, and Bangladesh are speaking Hindi in their country.

Hindi ( हिन्दी ) text on an image

you can easily able to write Hindi text on an image with canva also you can write it with notepad and many other ways like the android application so we going to learn it step by step in all different ways.

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1). How to add text on images with Canva.

canva is an online photo editing platform with over 1 million+ copyright-free images and materials. with the help of the canvas, we can easily able to edit any images, and also we can able to put texts on any image.

hare below we showed how to add Hindi text to images with help of the online tool canva.

  1. Open and log in or create a new account.
  2. on the top right select the “create a design” button. and select any size that you want for the image.
  3. after that, you will see a blank page, and if you want to upload your photo then you can. otherwise, write your text on that screen.
  4. thane click the Export button in the top right and export your image with your Hindi texts.

That we learn how to make add Hindi texts to images with canva online editing tool. you can also download your edited project with the canvas android app you have to just log in with the same email id or password.

2). How to add text on Photos with Paint.

Now we are going to learn how to add Hindi text to any photo with Paint. with Microsoft Paint, you can able to edit any texts offline but you have to need that is one computer or laptop which helps you to edit any images.

To edit any images/photos with Microsoft Paint just follow the steps given below and add Hindi texts to any Image/photo.

  1. Open Microsoft Paint.
  2. Drage and drop any image that you want to use. or right-click to image and open it with paint.
  3. Now Select the “A” From the top Menu and write text whenever you want.
  4. After that click “Ctrl+S” to save the project.

You can also able save your photo by clicking the screenshot in windows.

3). How to add text on Image with PicsArt.

above we learned how we can add Hindi texts in the image with canva online tool and paint Microsoft software.

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and now we are going to learn how we can add text with mobile and help of the picsart mobile application. This is a free application with over 500M+ active installs and a 4.2-star rating in the google play store.

learn how to add text to any image with PicsArt mobile application.

  1. Go to the play store and Download PicsArt.
  2. install open and give needed permission.
  3. Create an account in picsart with Facebook, Gmail, or mobile number whatever you like to use.
  4. Click the “Edit A Photo” Button and select the image that you want to edit.
  5. click that text button and add text to the image.
  6. Now click the “Save” button Given to the top bar of the application.

that’s it after that your edited image will be saved to your gallery 🙂

that’s it we learned how we can add Hindi text on any images online and offline with the use of the desktop/computer and mobile.

there are also multiple ways to perform these tasks you can also do this with your mobile phone. to add Hindi text in the image with mobile there are many applications like pixlr and picture editor which are more popular and easy to use.

Hope you liked this post and we solved your query if you have another equation then please let us know in that comment box. I and my team am always ready to help you to solve your query.

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