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Krishna Janmashtami 2021,

Janmashtami is one of my favorite festivals in India, Janmashtami is spreading love all over the world with good wishes and food, we Celebrating Janmashtami because on this day Lord Krishna got birth on earth. to Destroy all negative powers. today We’ll Be Going to discuss Krishna Janmashtami 2021,

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krishna jayanthi 2021
Krishna Jayanthi 2021

Why Celebrate Janmashtami Festival.

Janmashtami is known as Krishna janmotsav. We are celebrating this festival because on this day Lord Krishna was born on earth. This is an Indians most famous festival. This festival is also known as “Mataki Fod” because in childhood lord Krishna brust every girl Mataki to eat Makhan. On this Day everyone celebrates Janmashtami at midnight at 12 o’clock.

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes in Hindi,

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes in English,

Best Foods For Janmashtami,

On this day chhappan bhog (56 types of food) gives to Lord Krishna. In this the most important food is Makhan mishri it is the favorite food of Lord Krishna because his mom Yashoda gives it daily her own hand. There are many types of sweets like kheer, malpua, barfi, penda, panjari, gulab jamun and other foods like khichdi, daal chawal, shak puri all are including in chhappan bhog.

Date Of Upcoming Janmashtami 2021,

the date of the upcoming Janmashtami in 2021 is 30 August, Monday Also read about the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi,

  • Janmashtami in 2021 is 30-august-2021, Monday
  • Janmashtmi in 2022 is 19-august-2022, Friday
  • Janmashtami in 2023 is 7-September-2023, Thursday
  • Janmashtmi in 2024 is 26-august-2024, Monday
  • janmashtami in 2025 is 16-august-2025, satuerday
  • Janmashtmi in 2026 is 4-September-2026, Friday
Upcoming  Krishna Janmashtami 2021,
Krishna Janmashtami 2021,

How to celebrate Janmashtami in other cities.

There are different ways to celebrate Janmashtami in different cities. This day a big celebration starts from lord Krishna’s home town Gokul and Mathura.

All the Krishna temples are decorated with garlands and colorful lights and devotees throng the temples at midnight to offer their prayers to the Lord. Janamashtmi in Mathura Vrindavan and Dwarka is revelrous and rapturous like no place else. also you can share the best Krishna Janmashtami wishes from our site.

Janmashtami in Devbhumi Dwarka.

In his kingdom, the Devbhumi Dwarka Janmashtami celebration starts before the 4 days of Janmashtami. First comes Nag Panchami in this everyone snake worship, then second is Randhan chhathh everyone makes delicious food like laddu, khakhra, sev-gathiya, lot’s of sweets, etc.

Then come Shitala Satam in this all Indian people go to Shitala Mata temple for prayer and then the next day finally comes Janmashtami. On this day Lord Krishna’s all temple is decorated with colorful lights and flowers.

janmashtami in devbhumi dwarka
janmashtami in devbhumi dwarka

This day starts with lord Krishna’s morning prayer at 6 o’clock after that 9 o’clock Shringar Aarti (makeup) in this priest doing lord Krishna’s Makeup. After 12 o’clock give 56 types of food to Lord Krishna for lunch. In last midnight 12 o’clock finally, celebrate his janmotsav start with matki fod and devotional songs.

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How people’s celebrating Krishna Janmashtami.

On this day everyone looks so beautiful to take beautiful dresses to celebrate Janmashtami and go to Lord Krishna’s temple for praying. This day some people take fast for Shri Krishna. In fact they make delicious food like sabudana khichdi, fruits, chips, milk sweets, etc.

ANd last nd final in midnight 12 o’clock all is celebrate Krishna Mahotsav and brust the matki with full of Makhan and mishri and everyone dance like a Devotee.

May this Krishna Janmashtami 2021 brings happiness/joy into your life, and God Krishna remove all negativity From Our world,

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