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Block or Stop Advertisements: in 2022 all businesses are now online we are doing all our work online for some reason we are using some android apps and online websites. also, we play games to make our souls relax.

for the earning purpose, websites and apps are showing google ads or other ads on their platform.

which really distracts us from our work. like when we are playing the game and suddenly we show ads which affect our consistency & we get distracted with that game or work.

here we are going to show you How to block or stop advertisements on android phones. with just in simple few tricks without rooting our phone and free of cost just scroll down and read all articles carefully.

there are in the market many ways to block ads from android applications, games, and websites.

today we are going to learn some best and easy tricks to remove or stop advertisements on android phones, games, and websites.

Stop advertisements in android games or applications.

here is a way to block or stop advertisements in android applications or games with just a few clicks.

  • Just Download This Application called Blokada 5 From the link given below.
  • after that open app and give it all permissions so the application properly works on the phone.
  • now as given in the photo below you will see a button like activate.
  • Click that button to activate blocking ads on your android phone.
how to block ads on android phone

That’s it application is started his work you will see the result by opening any application or game which contains advertisements.

you can also able to check the status of the most blocked ads in your applications. with which ads are shown by which company and how many ads are shown by a particular company.

this blokada application shows you a count of how many ads he blocked after you started the blokada app.

yes if you want to show ads in some of the installed apps then you can stop this in blokada 5 app for that just go to Advanced->installed-> then select the app that you want to remove from the setting and click that app.

now you will see the (bypass) option on the right of the selected app that you selected.

Benefits Of Blokada 5 ad bloker.

  • you can block ads while playing games.
  • this application allows you to block ads while you are watching movies and reading books in third-party applications.
  • this can block ads in free Versions OTT platforms like sab tv, Netflix, Amazone prime, Hotstar, and many more.
  • you can also block ads on online websites.
  • this can also able stop tracker so you are safe from unauthorized apps.
  • this can block WhatsApp trackers so Whatsapp can’t able to track you more.
  • the applications work in the background so you can not disturb while scrolling other apps.
  • the best benefit of applications is that this is free to use and the system is easy to learn.

That’s it on this post here we learn how to stop ads in any android application with just in simple few clicks.

Note:- this app blokada 5 is not available in the google play store so you have to download the link given above.

hope you liked this article if you have any questions related to this post please let us know in the comment box so our team can get in touch with you and solve your question and query.

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