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Need to record the windows screen to share videos on youtube or want to make a presentation with those videos. Here is a stock of top-screen recording software that helps you to solve all your queries.

Best free screen recording software for laptop/pc.

Through this post. I will be showing you the best tricks to record your computer’s screen with some best, simple and free software.

Provided all software is ad-free and it’s easy to use you can also buy that software’s pro version to get some extra features.

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In the market there is multiple software available to perform this task, some just taking screenshots in windows and some software does both recording screens and taking screenshots.

  • Bandicam Screen Recorder

record screens using Bandicam screen recording software?

Bandicam is my personal software that I use to record my screen and take screenshots on my laptop. And also if you want to try this for your youtube channel. I promise this software can change your journey.

how to record my laptop screen using bandicam software?


Bandicam allows you to take video in a rectangle area, fullscreen, and also you are able to record the screen while playing the game on a laptop/pc. And its support to record HDMI devices that are connected with your pc/computer.

You can set up a special key to start recording and stop recording in bandicam software without opening the bandicam. And also if you want to use your webcam while recording to screen you can use it easily with just 2 tap settings.

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Bandicam also provide you other features like 

  1. you can enable or disable your mouse cursor, 
  2. Add mouse touch effects.
  3. webcam overlay.
  4. Logo and text overlay.
  5. setup schedule to record your screen.
  6. Take a screenshot on the laptop.
  7. Add voiceover while recording the screen.
  8. Record screen with 15+ different resolutions.
  9. Save the recorded files in your location.


If you are happy with Bandicam’s watermark then it’s free to use every 10 minutes. Means Unregistered can use bandicam with 10-minute videos with his watermark.

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To use more than 10 minutes of video and remove the bandicam software’s watermark you can try its pro version. Its cost for a pro is just 39$ for a lifetime.

 I recommend it if you have a big youtube channel and want good screen recording software that just tries a bandicam screen recorder.

Download bandicam software.

  • Screen Rec software.

How to record Windows screens using screen rec software?

Screen Rec is the best free software to record your windows screen. Above we’re going to learn how to set up screen rec software into your computer or laptop.

You can find this by typing screen rec in google or just clicking the download link provided below in the article.

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After installing the software it will ask you to provide your details like Gmail or password with your name.  And company name you can leave blank your company name if you did not have any company.

how to record my laptop screen using screenrec software?

After login successfully you will see the simple click option like shown in the picture below.

Just click the video icon to record your screen. You will see highlights just select the area that you want to record.

After your record was done. When you stop your recording then the software asks you to select the save location of your video.

You can also use an extra mic and webcam while recording the screen using the screen rec software.

Download screen rec software for windows

How to take screenshots on a laptop or pc?

To take screenshots on a laptop just press print SCR with the windows key. You will some black screen after that open: This_pc\Pictures\Screenshots to view your screenshots

  • Nimbus Screenshot

How to record laptop screens using nimbus screenshot?

Another best and top screen-recording software is in the bucket list is the nimbus screenshot. You can able to take screenshots and also record your screen with this small welcome extension,

how to record my laptop screen using nimbuss screen recorder?

Yes this is a chrome browser extension you can use them to record screens and take screenshots like 

  1. long screenshot, 
  2. scrollable screenshot 
  3. Desktop screenshot
  4. Blank screenshot 

Also, 9+ features are available in nimbus screenshots to take high-quality screenshots in the chrome browser.

  • Blank screenshot

In a blank screenshot, you are able to add your own images and make changes there like if you want to add text then you can do it here easily.

Also, you are able to make a direct page and make changes on it like drawing with pencil and adding shapes like notepad and many more options available in blank screen recorder.

  • Desktop screenshot

through the desktop screenshot option, you are able to take screenshots in other opened windows and tabs that opened in chrome devices. And also you are able to take a screenshot of your entire opened screen.

  • Screen record

The main 2 features of the extension are to take screenshots and record videos in the chrome browser. To record screen with nimbus screenshot this extension provides you a lot of options with screen recording software.

while recording screen with nimbus you are able to enable your face cem and also it provides you some tools like add highlights while recording add your custom logo while recording screen with nimbus screenshot extension.


That’s it. We learned some ways to record your video on a laptop or PC’s screen. The software mentioned below that’s all I used personally. after I recommend you to use it.

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By using those Softwares you are easily able to record your screens on your devices. Also in some software, you are able to take screenshots on your laptop/pc.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any queries or any suggestions related to this post please let us know in the comment section. I and my team are always ready to solve all your queries 🙂

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